Instalation of Prepaid Electric Meters and Prepaid Vouchers Numbers

Installation Positioning Diagrams:

Single Dwelling Intallation
The prepaid meter is preferably installed between the Council or Municiple meter and house distribution board.

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House with a Cottage
Isolator switches should be installed after the Council or Municiple meter. The prepaid meters are then installed between the relevant isolator switch and distribution board.

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Multi Unit Property / Sectional Title
Installation can be made in Existing Buildings or New Buildings. The Council Bulk Meter will supply the Prepaid sub-meters of the units. In an existing building the old credit meters can be left in place as an extra check or removed.

Typical Existing Building Layout
Typical New Building Layout

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Buying Electricity and Issuing of Voucher Numbers

Each prepaid electrical meter has a unique identification number. The vouchers for the meters work on an encripted numbering system which are individaully generated by Meter Mate. Each voucher is specific to the meter it was generated for and cannot be used on any other meter.

There are three methods for generating Voucher Numbers and Managing Payments

  • Fixed Cost per Transaction Model
    This model is a largely manual process where voucher numbers are generated by Meter Mate, Issued to the Property Manager who in turn sells them to the Tenant. (click here for more info)
  • Percentage Owner / Manager Model
    This model is ideal for the owner / manager of one or a few smaller properties. The individual properties are included into the full Meter Mate payment system which receives payment on behalf of the owner / manager for a percentage charge per transaction. Payments can be made at many outlets country wide or over the internet. (click here for more info)
  • Bulk Metering and Account Management Model
    This is a fully automated model with reporting that relieves you of the worries associated with managing your multiple electricity accounts and is ideal for complexes or multiple unit buildings. If you own several properties or you are a property manager then this will simplify the task of revenue collection and payment of your electricity, levies and maintenance costs. Payments can be made at many outlets country wide or over the internet. (click here for more info)