Tips and Tools for Prepaid Electric Meters

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City Power Tips on safety and how to save electricity

Download a useful Domestic Consumers Education Leaflet from City Power by clicking here. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it. You can get it by clicking here.

Make sure you are on the best Tariff Structure for your requirements

  • The rates charged by City Power are either
    • Life Line - single phase only
    • Two Part Tariff - single and three phase
  • Know what rate you are on
  • What is best for you?
    • If you use under 800 Kwh per month then it is better to be on the life line.
    • If you are using over 800Kwh per month it is better to be on the Two part tariff.
    • By being on the wrong tariff option you could be overpaying by hundreds of rands per month.
  • How to change to a different rate structure
    • Fill out the form and fax it City Power
    • Keep calling them until you see that you have been swapped over

Checking Meter Readings and the procedure for submitting them

Most meters are easy to read when you know how. It is advisable to ensure that your meter readings are either taken by the council meter reader or by yourself on a regular basis. You can submit them online at

By keeping your readings up to date you can prevent any nasty surprises in the form on a huge bill which has been built up by incorrect estimates on your account for months or even years.