Types of Prepaid Electric Meters and Power Backup Devices

We Offer Various Types of Prepaid Electric Meters

Other Products
  • Online Smart Meters
    Smart meters are the next generation of electricity meters and they can offer a range of intelligent functionality. A smart meter is a digital meter that records your usage in hourly increments. This allows for complex billing to be applied such as Time of Use (TOU) and Demand kVA charges.

  • Residential STS Pre-paid Gas Meter
    The Meter Mate Prepaid Gas Meter is an unique residential gas meter designed to accurately measure volumes of natural gas. Its stringent components selection meets highest demand standard in global market. It is designed to increase customer satisfaction and save costs by providing reliable performance and long-term measurement accuracy for residential applications.

  • STS Pre-paid Water Meter
    The Meter Mate Prepaid Water Meter can retrofit to existing water meters such as the Kent meter. It is configurable to give tenants a free allocation of water each month/day before shutting off. It has a wireless keypad so no wires are needed.